The Straightest Path

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“Constant failure is not an option for me nor should it be for any handler interested in saving lives and solving crime. There was a time when I did not know what success in trailing was and I had to take a serious look at my K9 training protocols. The “Straightest Path” is nothing more than a simple and honest path to good trailing/ tracking training based not only on all of my experience in the field being successful, but also all of my failures. There can be no growth without both. I will outline my method for working trailing dogs, step by step, and with only one goal in mind: finding people. This program was designed for anyone handling a trailing dog and I have been teaching it now for over a decade. It is important to offer to others what was so generously given to me by many of the great handlers of the past and present.

…Follow me, if you dare, to a path less traveled!”

Great News! K9 Trailing; The Straightest Path will be in color! The book is going to print this week and the limited edition hardcovers will be first off the press. The hardcovers will be a one-time-only deal due to production costs and when they are gone, they are gone. I have pre-orders on file and will hold a few back just in case. K9 Trailing will be 8.5 X 11″, color, over 200 pages of training with tons of photos and diagrams.

Limited Edition, 8.5X11, full color, personalized Hardcover: $65.00
Soft cover, 8.5X11, full color: $34.95
Due Date For Both: October 2011, limited edition ship first.

Check out the front matter attached her to see the general layout, table of contents and my forward. Thanks again for all of your support. This is not my book, but our book because of all of you who helped me produce it.

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The Straightes Path K9 Trailing

K9 Trailing, The Straightest Path, is a no fluff, no fantasy, guide to trailing dogs and scent discrimination. Jeff’s natural writing style caught the dog writing community by storm with Red Dog Rising; a chronological history of his Police Bloodhound, Ronin. Red Dog Rising is now in its second edition and won The Dog Writer’s Association of America’s “Planet Dog K9 Service Award for 2009. Jeff has signed over all his royalties from Red Dog to providing Service Dogs for Kids with special needs.

The price for K9 Trailing has not been decided yet, but that figure should be coming soon.  K9 Trailing; The Straightest Path or purchase a signed and personalized copy of Red Dog Rising, please go to the online store:


Continuing on the trail of his first book Red Dog Rising

Continuing on the trail of his first book Red Dog Rising, Jeff Schettler returns to the hunt with his newest book The Straightest Path. Simply said, if you currently work with police dogs that trail (or you want to) and you are a K9 handler, cover officer or supervisor, you should read The Straightest Path. If you work with police dogs that search but don’t trail, you can also benefit from reading this book.

I have not been a handler of a trailing dog, but I’ve been working with police dogs and handlers for the past 30 years as a decoy, K9 handler, supervisor, SWAT operator, tactical instructor and expert witness. After reading Red Dog Rising, I gained a new appreciation of trailing dogs and their handlers (and Jeff Schettler). Based on my background, I finished Red Dog Rising with a desire to learn more about training a police dog and officers for the hunt as well as preparing for the “potentially dangerous” end of the trail. After reading The Straightest Path, I’ve learned much more. Of particular interest to me, from a tactical perspective, was “proximity alerts and scents” relating to the pending conclusion of the search trail that included the line; “If you can read proximity alerts and you become a good handler with a good dog, proximity will save your life, your dog’s, or that of another person one day.”

The Straightest Path is about “reading a dog” and it is a straightforward approach to police dog trailing. Jeff does a commendable job in simplifying and explaining his training, methodology, and terminology regardless of the reader’s level of experience. He shares his successes, his failures and his lessons learned. It became rather obvious to me as I read this book that he is extremely passionate about the art of trailing. Let’s go hunting!

Sergeant Bill Lewis II (Retired)
Oxnard (CA) Police Department
Training and Consulting [TAC] Team, LLC
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Board Member & Region 1A Representative for California Association of Tactical Officers (CATO)